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About Us

Acesys Pharmatech is a contract research company founded by veterans from US pharma. We fully understand what our customers need. We provide high quality products with on-time delivery at competitive pricing. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

The company’s products and service include:

  ●Catalog Products

   ☆Heterocyclic, chiral compounds, special amino acid, etc

  ●Custom Synthesis (gram-kg) & Custom Manufacture

  ●FTE based Services:

   ☆Medicinal Chemistry and Process Development

  ●GMP Manufacturing in USA

  ●GMP Manufacturing in China

The company has three facilities: cGMP manufacturing facility in New Jersey USA, R&D facility and GMP manufacturing facility in China. We have full access to all necessary analytical instruments, including Bruker NMR, Agilient LCMS 1100, Agilient HPLCs, Shimarzu GC, etc. We acquired a New Jersey company, API Inc, in 2009 to strengthen our capability in process development and cGMP manufacturing. API Inc has a 14300 sq feet state-of-art facility with FDA inspected cGMP kilo labs. Its cGMP facility passed FDA inspection for 8 times during the past 15 years. Our China GMP manufacturing facility is capable of producing hundreds of tons of APIs per year.

With the integration of China and USA team, Acesys combines US quality with Chinese price to provide our customers the best services. We also work with our partners in USA to provide high quality service at very competitive price.

Add:Science and Technology Building 24B,
5 Xin Mo Fan Road,Nanjing, China 210009
Tel: +86-025-8317-2562; +86-025-8317-2563
Fax: +86-025-8317-2562 ext.8007
US Address: 10 Industrial Road
Fairfield, NJ 07004