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Technical Service

With our big manufacturing facility in China, we can make bulk intermediates at very competitive price. And we can also make APIs at USA cGMP quality or China GMP quality.


Our US facility in New Jersey (API Inc) is a cGMP facility which passed US FDA cGMP inspection for 8 times since 1997. It has 7 US DMFs with 4 major API products which were manufactured every year. Our US facility is good for niche APIs with less than 50kg demand per year, clinical APIs, or APIs for formulation development. We have expanded our capacity through our manufacturing facility in Shanghai. Our Shanghai facility was managed under the same GMP standard and SOPs as our US facility. With seamless tech transfer and overall management, we can expand our production capacity to tons of materials per year.


Our China GMP facility (Jiangsu Long Healthcare Limited) was established in 2003 and passed China GMP inspection in 2006 and 2011. We can manufacture hundreds of tons of APIs and intermediates per year.


With strong R&D team in Nanjing China, we are capable of developing good process and manufacture them at our own controlled facility. We can make them based on customers′ requirement (cGMP or GMP). Our research and manufacturing capacity in China will reduce our overall cost and make us more competitive.

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