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R&D Service>> FTE Based Chemistry

Besides project-based service, we also provide FTE based service on Medicinal Chemistry and Process Development. Led by experienced project leader, we provide high quality services at very competitive price.

We also work with our partner, Provid Pharmaceutical in New Jersey USA, to provide a blended-cost solution to our customers. ( Provid Pharmaceutical is a CRO company in New Jersey, which provides medicinal chemistry services to start-ups or pharmaceutical companies. The combined services available through the alliance will encompass all aspects of medicinal chemistry for clients in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. An experienced team at Provid will be involved in the design of programs, in the creation of novel intellectual property, and in exploratory research. Acesys will provide support for these projects with scaffold construction, hit-to-lead exploration, focused library synthesis, analog synthesis and other aspects of drug discovery. Each project will operate via an alliance team including scientists and a program leader from Provid, a senior team leader and medicinal chemists from Acesys, and the client′s representatives. Blending the US and China efforts will enable clients to benefit from the combined experience, emphasis on high quality, productivity, and sophisticated science, coupled with lower costs.

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