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Since 2004, Acesys has been working with customers to synthesize intermediates from milligrams (mg) to kilograms (kg) scale. Our experienced custom synthesis team can deliver high quality compounds at very competitive prices. We offer high quality and timely delivery with the products made to your specifications. We will normally prepare a quotation within 24 hours. Feel free to contact us for any question.


Typical projects:

Literature compounds re-synthesis

Multi-step Synthesis from gram to Kg scale

● 12 steps, 5g final product, 6 weeks delivered

● 8 steps, 500g product, 6 weeks delivered

● 7 steps, 1.8 Kg, 8 weeks delivered

● 7 steps, 10kg, 10 weeks delivered

Area of Experties:

● Chiral Chemistry

● Heterocyclic synthesis,

● Carbohydrate

● Hydrogenation, etc

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